FCRD NCS22 Windshield Buildup Update

Windshield Buildup for FCRD's NCS22 Mod

High-resolution windshield buildup textures featuring 3 levels of asphalt buildup and 2 levels of dirt. Beware: Dirt - Heavy is INTENSE and your vision WILL be severely limited at its maximum level. Use at your own peril!

Click an image for a larger version.

FCRD NCS22 Windshield Buildup Textures
By James Hodge (Tiberius Jim) and Full Circle Racing Designs


1. Choose a level and style of buildup and open that folder.

2. Copy the CV_Windshield.MIP and paste it into your main FCRD NCS22 folder.

To change to a different level or style, simply copy the CV_Windshield.MIP from another level/style’s folder and replace the one in your main FCRD NCS22 folder.

NOTE: These textures are higher resolution than the stock files and may cause lower performance in some systems.