On-Track Effects 4.0

On-Track Effects Update 4.0

Updates to smoke, sun, sparks, lens flare and light glow.

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Updated Sun Effect
Updated Sun Effect
Smoke Effect V1
Smoke Effect V1
Smoke Effect V2
Smoke Effect V2
Spark Effect
Track Lighting Glow

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season – Updated On-Track Effects Pack v4.0 – By James Hodge

This update will enhance various on-track effects such as smoke/dust/blown engine effects, sun glare and reflection effects, lens flare, sparks and and night track lighting glow.
NOTE: There are two versions of smoke. Consult the included video file to determine which you want to use.

Follow the instructions below to install.

Place glow01.mip, rbowring.mip, spark01.mip, disc1-4.mip and sun1.mip files in your Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\effects folder.
Open the SmokeOptions video and decided which version you prefer. Open that version’s “Smoke Version…” folder and place the smoke01.mip in your Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\effects folder.

To uninstall any update, simply delete the file you wish to remove.